Our Mission

At MBI, long-term client satisfaction is our top priority. We treat our clients with respect and appreciation,

just like family, and provide multiple ways to design their insurance coverage. Our mission is to

enable our clients to focus on what truly matters – running and growing their business.

Who is Angel Gonzalez?

  • Both ACA (Affordable Care Act) and self-insurance products to small, mid-size, and large businesses.

  • A free audit to ensure the best fit for the budget available.

  • Stackable products, combining major medical with supplemental plans, to provide the most comprehensive coverage at the best price.

With over two decades of dedicated service, MBI has been proudly serving companies throughout the state of Florida since 2002. At Millennium Benefits, we offer a wealth of expertise, providing clients with the freedom to concentrate on the growth of their business.

Angel can also help individuals and families recapture their wealth and pay down debt through a unique concept called infinite banking. Infinite banking is a way to create financial freedom and establish a personal bank without relying on external banking institutions.

Long-term client satisfaction is Angel’s priority. His passion for treating the customer with respect and appreciation – as if they were a member of his own family – and providing multiple ways to design their insurance coverage allows his clients to focus on what really matters: running and growing their business.

What can you do with MBI?

Individual Life & Health Insurance

Looking for individual life insurance that can protect your assets? Consider our term policies. Or, need support in navigating personal or family health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? MBI can help.

Group Health & Medical Insurance

No two businesses are alike - so why settle for standard insurance? MBI offers comprehensive group health and medical insurance, including ancillary products and supplemental insurance. Learn more with MBI.

Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)

IBC allows you to establish a specially designed, high cash value, whole life insurance policy, creating a personal banking vehicle that can be used to finance a wide range of expenses. Intriguing? We think so too.

Retirement Planning

MBI can help you enhance your retirement preparation by exploring innovative options like the Infinite Banking Concept and other alternative strategies. We can also refer you to our traditional retirement planning partners. Connect with us today.

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